Navy: scientific activity in the Ligurian Sea "DANS 20"

(To Marina Militare)

From 02 to 16 December 2020, the Nave Hydro-Oceanographic Research Units Alliance of the Ship Leonardo they conducted scientific activity in the waters of the Ligurian Sea Distributed Autonomous Networked Systems 2020 (DANS 20) in collaboration with the NATO science team Science and Technology Organization - Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation (BORN STO - CMRE).

The DANS is inserted in the context of the multinational project Autonomy for Anti Submarine Warfare, in particular in the component of the project dedicated to the study of autonomous robotic networks for passive underwater acoustic monitoring for long-term ASW missions.

Based on the experience and data analysis collected during DANS 19 and during the DYMA20 Technical Demo, multiple autonomous platforms were used such as AUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles for underwater acoustic monitoring) controlled and powered from the surface by a operator via an umbilical cable or remote control, i Wave Gliders (mobile measurement platforms that can be operated remotely) equipped for the observation of physical bio-geochemical sea and surface meteorological parameters, capable of performing direct observations above and below the sea surface and able to transmit data in real time, and gliders (autonomous vehicles designed to measure temperature, salinity and oxygen) programmed to sample a specific area using onboard oceanographic sensors.

These platforms have been equipped with innovative underwater acoustic noise detection capabilities, making it possible to conduct tests and data collection via a dedicated array pulled by wave gliders, testing and data collection by means of two gliders equipped with the new Wilcoxon Acoustic Vector Sensor (AVS), collection of acoustic data, acquired by means of very low frequency passive geophones, installed on dedicated AUVs and data exchange between the on-board CMRE network and all the autonomous platforms used during the various missions in the water.

Ship Alliance of the Ship Leonardo, framed within the naval team through the Command of Mine Countermeasure Forces (MARICODRAG) and del Hydrographic Unit Squadron Command and Experience (COMSQUAIDRO), carry out research activities, which have as their objective the study of the sea through the collection of data, both in favor of the Navy, and in collaboration with research organizations and institutes, in the context of multipurpose activities and within the framework of 'flexible and "dual use" use of the Armed Force, contributing to the safety of seafarers and scientific research.