Mare Nostrum: Rescue intervention south of Capo Passero


Yesterday the helicopter on board the frigate Grecale located two wooden boats south of Capo Passero with many migrants on board. One of the two boats for one failure was pulled by the other.

The lack of safety equipment and the prohibitive sea conditions led to the intervention of the navy with the distribution of life-jackets and the beginning of the transfer of migrants on board the Grecale frigate and the Foscari patrol boat intervened in assistance.

Operations continued throughout the night, thanks also to the assistance provided by some merchant ships, until boarding on the navy ships giving priority to women and numerous children (over 100).

Given the worsening of the sea conditions, already prohibitive, for the safety of personnel and migrants during the night it was decided to stop the transshipment operations while waiting for a weather improvement.

The navy ships remained near the boats and today they will complete the embarkation of the migrants.

Source: Military Navy