Mare Aperto 24-1: joint Italian-French activity for the San Marco marine brigade

(To Marina Militare)

From 17 to 19 May 2024, as part of the exercise Open Sea 24-1, the marine brigade Saint Mark (BMSM), under the leadership of Rear Admiral Massimiliano Grazioso, in command of the joint/combined landing force, made up of personnel from the Italian Navy and Army, planned and conducted a series of amphibious activities in cooperation with the French landing force. Among the other participants, also units of the Italian Army (as part of the project Projection Capability from the National Sea), an ANGLICO team (naval and air support fire liaison team) from the US Marine Corps and, in the initial phase of the exercise, also a unit from the Spanish marine infantry.

The activities were developed according to the concept of Distributed Maritime Operations, with the execution in rapid succession of amphibious operations along the east coast of Corsica, where the marine riflemen of the BMSM operated and the Capo Teulada range, an area affected by the landing of amphibious assets of the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" brigade together with the French marine infantry. The training sessions completed are part of the broader range of operations conducted by the marine infantry: the amphibious raid and the amphibious assault to extract non-combatant personnel in a crisis area.

The joint training represented a fruitful opportunity for professional growth for the participating forces; in fact, the amphibious sector has always lent itself to collaborations of this kind, aimed at broadening the knowledge base and sharing tactical procedures between the amphibious forces of the Alliance.

The activities did not only involve the tactical plan but were also developed in cognitive terms of command and control systems, communication, equipment, planning elements and organizational structures. There was no shortage of moments of reflection and comparison, basic pillars for continuously improving and acquiring a know-how increasingly in step with the times.
Furthermore, the staff of the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" brigade, a framework unit for the assets offered by the Italian Army to National Projection Screening Capacity, took part with its commander, Brigadier General Nicola Mandolesi, in the exercise in order to integrate capabilities in view of the exercise Amphex 24 in which the Joint Landing Force Command will achieve the Full Operational Capability.

The effort put in place by the marine brigade Saint Mark, by the amphibious units of the Italian Army and by the Comdinav Tre staff, who acted as commander of the Amphibious Force in the exercise, obtained, at the end of the activities, tangible results of force integration and gave the opportunity to all the personnel to increase your professional background.