"I swear!" of the VFP1 of Mariscuola La Maddalena

(To Marina Militare)

On Friday, September 30, the harbor pilots students in fixed annual fixed-line, 60 girls and 84 boys, took an oath of loyalty to the Republic in Piazzale Avegno della Officers' School of La Maddalena, at the end of the basic indoctrination course. The training course that has just ended has allowed him to acquire the main notions to face the work activity in national and foreign theaters and preparatory to the specialized training of the category.

The School experienced the most exciting moment when the proud scream of oath of the student sailors, lined up in front of the commander of the School, the ship captain Simone Battisti, shook the square.

The proud expression, the faces streaked with a few tears, testify to the awareness and profound meaning of that promise that embodies the values ​​of loyalty, seriousness, dedication and discipline that distinguish the life of the soldier and which will be a constant in this choice. of life.

The students have chosen a name and a motto for the course that will accompany them in their professional life: "Polaris" course, the North Star that indicates the North and the motto "donec ad metam" which translates "to the goal" to continue with firmness on the route of their career and to reach the set goals with determination.

Spirit of sacrifice, sense of duty, crew work and commitment, recalled by the commander in his speech, skills "that all Italians expect from you ... which our country needs, in a world that is constantly changing".

The numerous family members, who came from all over Italy, assured their warm participation in such an important moment, "the most solemn day" for the life of the new military. In fact the "stars pinned on the sailor's uniform will continue to shine even when the uniform is not worn, like two small but powerful headlights".

The classic parade of the students and the final honors concluded the ceremony.