Littoral Operations: An English Point of View for Amphibious Officers

(To Marina Militare)

Tuesday 6 September 2022, the marine brigade Saint Mark welcomed brig. Mark Totten of the Royal Marines Commando as lecturer of a Lectio Magistralis on the topic: "Evolution of amphibious warfare and Royal Marines in the context of littoral operations".

The event, the scene of a precious confrontation with the prestigious English reality of Commando, is part of a cycle of conferences addressed to the officers of the Saint Mark frequenters of the XII Amphibious Specialization Course (CSA) and constitutes the first of a series of conferences foreseen by the training process. Within the form leadership and professional development, it is customary to invite personalities who, by rank, roles and professional and career experiences, can provide visitors with an effective contribution on topics of specific interest: these moments of comparison further enrich the kaleidoscope of concepts and notions that are learned in the course of studies.

La Amphibious specialization it represents the advanced training phase of the Landing Force officers: its purpose is to perfect and deepen the professional preparation of the officers employed in the amphibious warfare sector, emphasizing the aspects related to leadership, command and control, planning, to decision making and operations expeditionary.

"In a global situation where the control of the sea is a fundamental element for the conduct of both maritime and land operations, the Royal Marines Commando are an integral part and vital tool for the acquisition and maintenance of sea control" explains brig. Mark Totten.

Like the British Marines, the Marine Brigade Saint Mark is constantly engaged in advancing the evolution of doctrine and training, with the aim of expanding the skills and possibilities of employment, ensuring the sudden readiness necessary to face the perpetually changing threats affecting the multidomain of the enlarged Mediterranean.

"Effective" e "adaptive" the concepts repeatedly highlighted by brig. Totten, watchwords of the Royal Marines ethos, and which also fully represent the Marine Brigade's approach to conflict Saint Mark.

"Per mare, per terram" is the motto that unites the units of the BMSM and the Royal Marines (RM). The collaboration is fueled to date with profitable exchange programs aimed at keeping cooperation alive. Pivotal example is the participation of amphibious officers in the Royal Marines Young Officer Course (RMYOC) the basic course for the training of RM officers, counted among the toughest and most selective courses for regular infantry in the world.

"Confrontation is growth and in a moment of crisis like the current one, it is even more important to question what was believed to be certain, to find new operational solutions and new approaches to the complex reality of the wide spectrum of military operations", commented the ca Grazioso, commander of the BMSM, concluding with his speech a morning of training and full of food for thought.

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