The operations of the Italian Navy: the 'Fishing Surveillance'

(To Marina Militare)

The naval operation of the Navy called Vigilanza Pesca (Vi.Pe.) was born in 1959, to support the Italian fishing fleet, which is the 3rd in Europe and the 1st in the Mediterranean, with over 12.000 boats.

The activity takes place in the Strait of Sicily and the ships of the Navy have the task of ensuring our vessels the free exercise of fishing on the high seas, in compliance with national and international legislation.

The Fishing Supervision sees the incessant commitment of the naval units belonging to the Command of the Patrol Forces for surveillance and coastal defense (COMFORPAT), flanked by the air component of the Navy Helicopter Station (Maristaeli Catania).

All the activities of Vi.Pe. in the Strait of Sicily, are under the operational control of the Command in Chief of the Naval Squad (CINCNAV).

During 2019, the ships of the Navy have already carried out 20 fishing surveillance missions for a total of approximately 5.200 hours of patrol and more than 32.000 miles traveled to protect national interests, in close collaboration with the air-naval device of Operation Mare Safe employed since March 2015 in the central Mediterranean.

The constant presence of a national naval structure is also a precious resource for all the ships operating in the Mediterranean, also for the purpose of providing first aid for health or to transfer to the nearest hospital, with the helicopter on board, personnel in need of specialized care.