Navy ships assist 219 migrants


Yesterday morning the AB212 helicopter of the Grecale frigate engaged in the Mare Nostrum operation, on the recommendation of the general command of the port authorities, identified south-east of Lampedusa a barge with 219 migrants on board of which 200 men, 11 women and 8 minors of various nationalities, mostly Syrians.

The Greek frigate promptly intervened, having ascertained the surplus of people on board, declared the emergency situation and rescued all the migrants.

In the afternoon, they were transferred to San Giusto ship for pre-identification and photo-detection operations by the State Police personnel employed in the Mare Nostrum operation.

The migrants transferred to the Vega patrol this morning will be landed in Augusta tomorrow for the next start-up at the reception centers designated by MININTERNO.

Since the beginning of the operation, 74 rescue operations have been completed, drawing 9538 migrants to safety, of which 612 women and 993 minors.

Source Marina Militare