The Italian naval officer in the USA, president of "NAA Inc."


Promote the maritime interests of the member countries and develop friendship and partnership relations between all the navies represented by naval officers and with the American institutional departments and agencies, primarily the US Navy and the US Marine Corps.

This is the goal of the world's most important association of naval operators - based in Washington and about 100 members - which for a year now operates under the guidance of the Italian attaché, vessel captain Valter Zappellini, who replaced his colleague German, vessel captain Michael Setzer.

The only precedent in the fifty-year history of the association, the Italian presidency of the then rear-admiral Raffaele Caruso in the 2003-04. From this year the association has been transformed to all legal effects in a corporate, the "NAA Inc.", with a real board of directors (the Board of Directors).

The association pursues its objectives through an intense program of professional conferences and social events which constitute moments of strong aggregation for the community of naval operators and their respective families.

The navy has always emphasized the importance of building relationships of collaboration and trust with the other navies in the world.

Source: Military Navy