The Naval Academy in Rome for the Spartan Race


On Saturday 26 April, in Rome, at the Stadio dei Marmi, the first Italian event of the Spartan Race took place, the most popular obstacle course in the world.

Taking into account team results, the representative of the Academy was ranked 2 ^ on 62 teams in the Super version (13 Km - 21 obstacles) and 7 ^ on 122 teams in the Sprint version (5 Km - 15 obstacles).

An army of almost 3000 enthusiasts poured into the capital to participate in the event: among them there was the Livorno Naval Academy with 30 members who challenged the other participants along the Foro Italico route dotted with natural and artificial obstacles.

The young officers, thanks to the team spirit and a good physical and mental preparation, have faced and passed the test without meeting particular difficulties graduating "Spartans".

Source: Military Navy