The "Dynamic Move 2019-II" NATO exercise has begun in La Spezia

(To Marina Militare)

Last Monday, at the La Spezia naval base, the NATO Dynamic Move 2019 exercise was launched, organized by the Mine Countermeasure Forces Command (MARICODRAG) which sees its specialists working in the front line closely with more than 60 Marine officers from all over the world, including USA, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Greece, England, Norway, Holland, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey and Algeria.

The Dynamic Move is classified as CAX / CPX (Computer Assisted eXercise / Command Post eXercise) and represents one of the most important exercises in the field of the Mine War in the panorama of the Atlantic Alliance; aimed at training Command Staff, with the help of modern software a complex environment is recreated subject to threat of mines, as well as three-dimensional, with environmental, climatological, logistic and operational implications in order to make the virtual environment as much as possible possible adherent to reality.

Besides being a fundamental training moment, it is also preparatory to the use of international staff aboard the units attached to NATO's standing naval groups (SNMCMG1 and SNMCMG2) and their certification to be part of the NATO Response Forces (NRF). Now in its second edition in Italy, annual appointments are organized on 2 of which the first is held at the facilities of the Belgian-Dutch Mine War School (EGUERMIN) in Ostend (Belgium) and the second at MARICODRAG in La Spezia.

This year the activity involves the staff of two CTFs, two CTGs and 4 CTUs, as well as the direct participation of the staff of the CTM SNMCMG2. In the time window of the exercise, at the Flag Ship and the Cacciamine of the NATO group is also offered a training module both in the field of passive defense (at the fire prevention center of MARICODRAG), and in the operational field to be carried out both in port and in sea ​​by MARICENDRAG.

Rear Admiral Davide Berna, commander of MARICODRAG, during the inaugural address addressed words of thanks for participating and encouraging all the staff involved in the exercise. Finally, the commander Jesus Otero, representing the NATO Maritime Commander (MARCOM), underlined in turn the importance of this moment of collective growth and amalgamation among the specialized personnel of the single NATO Navies, hoping for a growing participation and involvement of all the Mediterranean countries.