The second naval division trains in the Gulf of Taranto

(To Marina Militare)

For the units of the second naval division, intense training took place in the Gulf of Taranto in June 2022. Involved the aircraft carrier Cavour, flagship of the Navy, the destroyer Andrea Doria, the refueler Etna, the frigate Martinengo, with the unprecedented participation of the offshore patrol boat Musherib, new naval unit of the homonymous class designed by Fincantieri for the Qatari Navy in an internship with the staff of the Aeronaval Training Center of the Italian Navy (MARICENTADD).

Of particular note is the resumption of the passage of material or personnel by chairlift between Nave Cavour, Ship Martinengo of the Ship Etna. The activity, whose origins date back to the most ancient times of navigation, still has a high value not only from a seafaring and traditional point of view, but also from an operational point of view as it allows the transport of personnel in various situations and diversified, even in the most delicate contexts, and succeeds thanks to a deep teamwork, emblem of the spirit of the body that distinguishes the men and women of the Navy.

The ships flank at a lateral distance of about 50 meters and a first connection line is launched between them. Then proceed with the passage of a load-bearing cable - kept under tension by a team of operators - on which the chairlift is fixed: the person (or material) to be transported sits on it, secured with special safety belts. The seat is then made to slide on the supporting cable by means of another cable moved manually by a second team which, with procedures and actions coordinated between the two Units, ensure the transshipment of personnel in safety and speed.

The watchwords for the success of the business are therefore synergy and coordination: essential elements for these operations to be completed. In fact, it is necessary that all the participating teams, both in the conduct of the Unit and in the handling of the cables, are perfectly coordinated and work in unison.

The training carried out is part of an extensive program of exercises of the naval team, which allows the crews to always maintain a high level of readiness.