The "Francesco Morosini" Military Naval School participates in the European ERASMUS+ programme

(To Marina Militare)

From 6 to 10 March the Naval Military School "Francesco Morosini" of Venice hosted 24 foreign students and teachers as part of the ERASMUS+ project "Young Ecologists on a Mission: Saving Our Seas" funded by the European Union.

The visiting staff, coming from both military and civilian institutes in Romania, Spain and Turkey, together with the students of the Naval School, were engaged in in-depth activities on the morphology and ecology of the marine-coastal environments. These activities were conducted through interactive lessons and field monitoring of beached litter based on the European "Marine Litter Watch" protocol.

The project, aimed at increasing the knowledge of the young participants on the importance of the lagoon ecosystem and at improving digital skills, also made it possible to visit theInstitute of Marine Sciences of the National Research Council (ISMAR-CNR) of Venice. In addition to scholastic-scientific activities, the international experience was characterized by cultural visits to the city, such as that to the Naval History Museum and sports activities, demonstrating the high and diversified educational offer of the Navy training institute.