The "Queen" gets a makeover


This summer she will not sail the seas letting herself be admired once again, confirming to be the "most beautiful ship in the world". Nave Vespucci takes a year to redo its look: until the summer of 2015 it will undergo a thorough session of major works.

Since last October it is in the arsenal, in La Spezia, it has been dismantled and - piece by piece - it will be rebuilt to return to being the "queen", with its ancient but avant-garde charm.

Born, 83 years ago, in Castellammare di Stabia, ship Amerigo Vespucci has matured in the sea, teaching sailors and naval officers love and respect for the environment, for the rules and discipline, for man and for the sea.

It is a symbol of Italy in the world thanks to the charm of those elderly ladies who can bewitch.

She is a UNICEF ambassador, alongside the large environmental organizations.

To her everyone and everyone have bowed and bowed. In her training campaigns she has been in Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Eastern Atlantic, North America, South America and has once traveled the world.

And always and everywhere has enchanted with its grandeur: has a net tonnage of over 1.200 tons, a steel hull with three decks, 2.800 meters of 26 square sails and of natural canvas, 3 trees: mast of trees (54 meters ), foresail (50 meters) and mezzana (43 meters), 34 km of fixed maneuvers and natural fiber streams.

Source: Military Navy