The Cavour aircraft carrier leaves the dry dock

(To Marina Militare)

The aircraft carrier Cavour comes out of the dry dock "Edgardo Ferrati" of the Maritime Military Arsenal of Taranto, after completing the careening works started last July 20.

From December 2018 the Navy unit is continuing to stop in the basin to carry out a series of modernization and restructuring works, including the important periodic careening operation in addition to the metallization of the flight deck to contain the thermodynamic impacts of F35B aircraft . The work on the hull was carried out by applying a cutting-edge painting cycle in terms of protecting the marine environment.

The modernization works will end in the spring of 2020 and were carried out by the personnel of the main national reference industries in the naval field, such as Fincantieri and Leonardo, but also thanks to the small-medium enterprise in Taranto, in addition to the competition of the workers arsenalizie.

The choice made by the Navy to carry out the transformation works of the aircraft carrier Cavour in the Taranto Arsenal it is an expression of the commitment that the Armed Forces puts in support of the city in consideration of the relapse, in economic terms, on the induced territory. Furthermore, thanks to the acquisition of new knowledge, technical, technological and logistic engineering skills, the aim was to enhance the local shipbuilding industry and to face the future needs of the fleet units for the next four years, such as the new Frigates and the new Multipurpose Patrol 'Height.

The Maritime Military Arsenal is thus confirmed as the most important defense production company, strongly integrated in the productive fabric of the city of the two seas and a driving force for development and growth prospects for national and local industry.

At the end of the maintenance activities, the aircraft carrier Cavour will have to undergo a preparatory training period for the next departure for the United States, where he will conduct some tests with F35B aircraft on board.

The ship and its airborne component embarked are specialized capabilities of the Navy, decisive for the security of the country, such as flexible and remotely projectable tools capable of ensuring the defense of national interests "on the sea and from the sea". With the entry of new aircraft on the line, the Navy, the US Navy and the British Royal Navy will be the only marinas in the world to have aircraft carriers capable of operating with F35 aircraft.