The training ship Amerigo Vespucci has left the port of Taranto

(To Marina Militare)

On 3 September, just past 23.00 pm, Ship Vespucci he left the port of Taranto to sail towards Reggio Calabria. This concludes a brief two-day stop in which the “most beautiful ship in the world”, moored in the natural stage of the navigable canal, made itself available for visits by the population.

Record turnout: over 23.000 visitors, about 1.000 every hour, were able to touch the reality on board, learn about the stories and anecdotes of the oldest ship in service of the Navy, the pride of the Made in Italy, and speak with the crew.

The choral action profuse by the women and men of the southern maritime command, the command on board, the municipality of Taranto, the police and civil protection to ensure the regularity of the influx. All visitors who showed up within the indicated times were given the opportunity to access on board and complete the visit: on 2 September the last group disembarked at 02.30 am and on 3 September at around 23.00 pm.

Ship Vespucci is a partner of UNESCO-IOC for the dissemination of sensitive issues relating to the protection of the marine environment, the importance of marine scientific research, sustainable development and is a UNICEF ambassador to the world of messages of peace and hope for all and in especially for young people.

Technology, seafaring art and culture: the arrival for the first time in Taranto of the "Thaon di Revel" Multipurpose Offshore Patrol, the latest generation technological jewel (last June), the return of the training ship palinuro (last July) and the Nave stop Vespucci, together with the usability of sites of high historical and cultural value such as the Aragonese Castle and the Historical - Artisan Exhibition of the Arsenale (visited by thousands of tourists), represent a stage of an extraordinary journey that for over a century has seen the Navy and the city ​​of Taranto sail along the same route.

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