The Arctic mission High North 22 to the most remote areas of the planet

(To Marina Militare)

The Arctic mission of the Italian Navy HIGH NORTH 22, conducted with the scientific and logistical coordination of the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy and embarked on a ship Alliance on June 30th, it continues with a Northern route "cutting" the parallel 80 ° N.

The activities carried out by the young people attending the FIG / IHO / ICA courses Hydrographic Surveyor Cat A level and Cat B level are an expression of the commitment that the Navy makes to the knowledge of the Ocean in the context of Action nr 35 of the decade of the Sea - IT NAVY HIGH NORTH Program for the Arctic - coordinated by the Hydrographic Institute of Marina.

The enthusiasm of the young trainees, as part of the UN-DECADE ECOP (Early Career Ocean Professionals) program, has led the trainees to map well over 1500 Km2 of new seabed, which will be added to the mapping activities carried out in the the course of previous campaigns of the HIGH NORTH program. Monitoring activities of marine mammals, marine litter, microplastics and water sampling at different depths were also carried out, for the analysis of the chemical / physical / biological characteristics of polar waters.

The ship will continue its journey, in the next few days, to the edge of the ice, where study activities, mapping in unexplored areas and environmental monitoring will be conducted.