The Navy participates in the 2023 edition of the Bright Star exercise

(To Marina Militare)

The objective of the exercise was to train jointly by simulating the modern employment scenario in which maritime forces are called upon to operate. In particular, the integration of ships, including amphibious ones, jointly engaged in a "crisis response" context in the presence of various risks and even asymmetric threats, was enhanced.

The first activities took place from 4 to 9 September, in the Mohamed Naguib base about 150 km from Alexandria and in the Naval Force Base of Alexandria, where ships and personnel from ten countries were hosted: in addition to Egypt and the United, promoters of the exercise, also Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, India, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and as observers representatives of Pakistan and Germany.

The second phase of the exercise was conducted at sea from 10 to 13 September with the naval units initially divided into two task groups and subsequently integrated into a single air-naval formation.

In particular, in the first period, meetings, conferences, theoretical seminars and practical activities were held on topics of common interest, such as: combat training in coastal areas, procedures and tactics of force integration e boarding, safety on land and on board, survival and first aid courses, organization and use of emergency teams to combat damage in the event of fire and flooding caused by a leak.

The "underway" phase, the second part of the training activity, offered the possibility of putting into practice what was learned in theory, with simulations of real events of asymmetric attack, defense against submarine sabotage, Electronic Warfare Exercise (Ewx), Night Steam Package (Nsp), Fast rope e Cross deck.

Amphibious activities from sea to land, with protagonists i Leoni from the marine brigade Saint Mark, were one of the key elements of the training activity, with exercises of Amphibious Assault, Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS), conducting surface activities and controlling merchant traffic.

Furthermore, the training phase in the field of unit conduct at sea is inevitable, through the execution of kinematic maneuvers in tactical formation.

The exercise ended with the retreat of the participating units in front of the highest authority: Colonel General Mohamed Ahmed Zaki, in command of the Egyptian Ministry of Defense, as a sign of thanks for the hospitality received and the confirmation of the solidity of the cooperative relations always alive and growing among the participating countries.