The Navy contributes to the formation of the Local Police Corps of Venice

(To Marina Militare)

As already happened in 2020, also this year the Institute of Maritime Military Studies of Venice has made the training skills of its teachers available to carry out a didactic module of Communication and Managerial Sciences in favor of the officers of the Local Police Corps of Venice .

The training session, dedicated to 20 newly hired officers of the Corps and inserted within an articulated course lasting about 5 months, took place from January 31st to February 11th at the headquarters of the Local Police Headquarters located on the island of Tronchetto.

The fruitful collaboration between the Municipality of Venice and the Institute of Military Maritime Studies has allowed the launch in 2020 of a program to strengthen the training activity with the development of a management skills module specifically designed for the newly hired personnel of the Corps of Local Police based on experiential teaching methodologies that characterize the Communication and Managerial Sciences modules aimed at military and civilian attendants of the General Staff Course.

In relation to the particular and complex reality of the Local Police, the educational program has been integrated, compared to the previous edition, with notions of cognitive sciences, negotiation, marketing, lean organization and communication on social networks.

Beyond the enthusiasm of the visitors for the new concepts learned, the training module offered an excellent opportunity for mutual knowledge between the staff of the Local Police and that of the Navy, allowing the sharing of the values ​​that are the basis of the respective organizations. .