The navy at the Worldwide Naval Symposium


At the symposium in Friedrichshafen (Germany) organized by the MTU company every three years, 200 took part this year in representatives of 15 military navy and of 30 countries.

Rear Admiral Livio Ceccobelli, head of the logistics engineering department of MARICOMLOG and the frigate captain Pasquale Tripodi, from the ships department, presented respectively the logistical renewal program and the energy perspective of the navy.

Two stories of strategic innovation in support of industrial development in the sectors of sustainable energy, shipbuilding and ship repair, but also two major challenges that require an interdisciplinary and coordinated engineering approach between public and private entities.

The intervention of Admiral Ceccobelli, centered on the redefinition of the logistic architecture of the navy in the framework of restructuring and organizational efficiency being implemented in the armed forces, illustrated the advantages and potential offered by "tools" such as temporary global support and continuous improvement logistic support, to support the operational availability of ships and stimulate the renewal and growth of maintenance skills in industry and the arsenals, in a context characterized by significant budget constraints and staff reductions.

The operational experimentation of the green naval diesel, to specification NATO F76, and the project of engineering of the dual fuel capacity on the naval units, presented by the captain of frigate Tripodi, have underlined the opportunity to reach and to overcome, in advance, also in the propulsion naval military, the ambitious objectives of the European Union's energy and climate policy, diversifying the energy supply of the armed force which is now unbalanced on petroleum products.

Also noteworthy is the participation of the engineer. Marchetti from Intermarine who presented the project of the innovative Fast Oceanic Hunting (VOC), being jointly studied with mine countermeasure specialists and the engineers of the ship department.

Source: Military Navy