The Carlo Margottini frigate of the Navy becomes the flagship of the Standing NATO Maritime Group of the Mediterranean

(To Greater Defense)

Ship Carlo Margottini, one of the eight modern frigates of the Navy, under the command of the frigate captain Antonio S. D'Amico, assumed the role of flag ship (flagship) of the permanent naval force of the Atlantic Alliance, the so-called Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2), which normally operates in the Mediterranean basin.

The frigate Margottini has released its moorings from the naval base of La Spezia to head towards the area of ​​operations where it will operate for over 6 months.

The naval unit took over the role of flagship last Friday 17 December, at the end of the handover ceremony between force commander outgoing, Rear Admiral Stefano Russo, and the incoming, Rear Admiral Mauro Panebianco, held aboard Nave Fasan.

"The strategic presence that you are about to ensure by showing the NATO flag responds precisely to that growing need for presence, surveillance and readiness for intervention - with an assertive posture of active deterrence - that the maritime dimension needs, so that it can guaranteeing that free and safe use which is an essential prerequisite for fully grasping the prospects of sustainable growth and inclusive prosperity of which it is increasingly the bearer on a global scale " - said Undersecretary of State for Defense Senator Stefania Pucciarelli in her speech on the occasion of the departure of the unit.

"You represent concrete testimony of the commitment that NATO has been guaranteeing for sixty years for the security of the Euro-Atlantic area and for the promotion and safeguarding of international stability." - he then concluded, addressing the crew.

Along with other Allied Marine units, Nave Margottini it will ensure a constant presence in the assigned areas, while guaranteeing support for the named NATO maritime security operation Sea Guardian (OSG), monitoring maritime communication lines and helping to maintain the necessary level of maritime security in the strategic area of ​​the central-eastern Mediterranean through a credible and effective deterrence capacity.