Italian Smerex 2022: search and rescue exercise for damaged submarines

(To Marina Militare)

On 12 September, in the waters of the Gulf of Taranto, the Italian Submarine Escape Rescue Exercise 2022 (IT-SMEREX 2022) began the search, rescue and escape exercise from a damaged submarine.

The exercise has a biennial frequency and aims to test the alarm chain and the national and international search and rescue system of a damaged submarine.

On this occasion the failed submarine will be simulated by the Romeo Romei of the U212A Class. In the role of rescuers, Nave will participate Antaeus, ARS (Auxiliary Rescue Ship) unit of the Italian Navy specialized in supporting underwater operations on deep water and equipped with a complete suite of rescue systems including a SRV 300 minisubmarine, the Rescue Bell McCann, underwater ROV vehicles for underwater filming and of course personnel with qualification of diver. In addition to these vehicles aboard the "mother ship", the Aviolated Emergency Response Unit SPAG (Submarine Parachute Assistant Group) of the command of divers and raiders of La Spezia, an Italian excellence able to intervene in a few hours throughout the Mediterranean.

The exercise will end on September 24th.