Established the National Underwater Pole

(To SSD)

After a night of voting in the House Budget Committee, an amendment was approved to the 2023-2025 Budget Law proposal which establishes the National Underwater Pole.

“I express great satisfaction” says Defense Undersecretary Perego of Cremnago “for this important recognition for the Navy and for Defense. The establishment of the National Underwater Polo will allow us to enhance, implement and promote our country's potential and competitiveness in the underwater field, a sector in which the Navy represents excellence; and, in addition to this, to set up a permanent inter-ministerial coordination technical table for the purpose of promoting research and development activity, operational support to defence, the creation of an economic model for the development of the sector, the creation and consolidation of a permanent network of collaboration between the entities involved”.

"After the resolution of the Defense Commission of the Chamber of 15 December 2021" concludes Perego "and now with the approval of the recent amendment it will be possible to give substance to this reality to build and maintain technological sovereignty in the sector, a strategically important domain in both the military and civilian fields with the aim also of protecting national strategic infrastructures and protecting, preserving them, the underwater connections of the Mediterranean”.

Photo: Marina Military