The first international operational commitment for the Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Vessel Paolo Thaon di Revel has begun

(To Marina Militare)

The first international operational engagement of the Offshore Multipurpose Patrol Vessel began on 12 August Paolo Thaon of Revel.

First in a series of 7 patrol boats, the Thaon of Revel represents an avant-garde unit from the point of view of the technology used, both for the propulsion aspects and the combat system.

Delivered to the Navy on March 18, after an intense training period under the leadership of the First Naval Division and the Navy Training Center, the Thaon of Revel he started his first deployment in the EMASOH device in the Strait of Hormuz, a mission which in July passed under Italian leadership.

The Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Thaon of Revel, from 1 September, he also took on the role of Flagship and, for the first time in the history of EMASOH, it saw the passage on board of the command of the operation agenor (CTF 474), to conduct maritime operations at a tactical level from the sea. The international staff on board (called "Staff Afloat") is made up of soldiers from Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands and will be supported for certain activities by a portion of the staff who will remain ashore (called "Reach Back Staff ") in the naval base of Al Salam Camp, made up of soldiers from Norway, Denmark and France.

The commander of the operation, the staff, the commander of the unit and the crew, in particular on the occasion of the various stops planned at the capitals of various Gulf countries, will also undertake to promote dialogue and cooperation at the transnational level. regional in support of the freedom of navigation.

The crew, therefore, began a splendid operational parenthesis, in which it uses all the new on-board systems and the technology closely connected to them, from the innovative naval cockpit, to the DBR fixed face radar, and in which it can also train with the new 76/62 over-deck artillery systems and 25/80 remote-controlled machine guns.

To symbolize the entry into EMASOH of unity, on the green waters of the Gulf of Oman, illuminated by the setting sun, the most evocative and traditional of the Navy ceremonies: the ceremony ofDrop Solemn Flag on the flight deck.

The solemnity of the moment was an important gathering opportunity for the first crew of Nave Thaon of Revel and for the international staff on board.

The name of the admiral, which stands on the sides of the ship, deserved to be honored at sea through this ceremony which, in the wake of the most ancient maritime traditions, represents the continuity between our past to inspire us and the future route to follow.