The operational life of Nave Antonio Marceglia begins

(To Marina Militare)

The 16 April 2019, at the Fincantieri del Muggiano factory, was the ceremony to deliver the ship to the Navy Antonio Marceglia, eighth unit of the European Multi Mission Frigate program (FREMM).

Representatives of Fincantieri and Orizzonte Naval Systems (OSN), engineer Angelo Fusco and Dr. Giacomo Sardina intervened among the civil and military authorities present; the FREMM program manager of the Joint Organization for Armaments Cooperation (OCCAR) Mr. Giovanni Sorrentino; the president of the Commission of Testing and Acceptance and Logistic Commander of the Navy, the admiral of team Eduardo Serra and the director of the naval armaments, admiral chief inspector Matteo Bisceglia. Topical moment of the ceremony, which he sanctioned for Nave Marceglia the end of the preparations and the beginning of the operational life, was the change of the flag, phase in which the flag of the Mercantile Navy was lowered and that of the Military Navy raised to the order under the command of the frigate captain Francesco Fagnani, first commander of the Ship .

The unit is named after the lieutenant colonel of the naval genius Antonio Marceglia, decorated in life with the Gold Medal for Military Valor for the undertaking of Alexandria in Egypt, from the silver one and from the War Cross for the completed missions in Gibraltar.

The frigate, launched the 3 February 2018 at the Fincantieri shipyards of Riva Trigoso (GE), is characterized by high flexibility of use in various operational contexts, with 144 meters long and 6900 tons of displacement at full load, is the fourth FREMM in General Purpose (GP) configuration.

In this version the most relevant peculiarities regard the presence of the forward gun from the 127 / 64 caliber and the presence of a stern slide necessary for the launching of fast inflatables.

The FREMMs are and will be the mainstay of the Navy for the next decades and are designed to perform a multiplicity of tasks in a totally integrated and efficient way, which is why, all the authorities intervened stressed, "represent the best type of ship that plies the seas of the world, avant-garde shipbuilding and a strong ability to fulfill every type of mission "from the defense and control of national borders to the support of the community. In this context the work of the New Naval Construction Set-up Center continues unceasingly.

The daily supervision work during the set-up phases and the constant training of the personnel is able to provide, as happened today for Nave Antonio Marceglia, a prepared and ready crew, in full synergy with the Navy's Logistics Command which, through its precious support, ensures the Navy and the naval squad enter the new Units ready to be used immediately in the performing their duties.

Photo: OCCAR