The monument to the fallen at sea in Marzamemi has been inaugurated

(To Marina Militare)

Saturday 30 April, 11.30 am, Starabba seafront in Marzamemi: inauguration of a new monument to the fallen of the sea.

Dedicated by the City of Pachino and byNational Sailors Association of Italy (ANMI), to the sailors of Italy and to the missing seamen, the monument is a memorial to all those who sacrificed their lives for the homeland or in the fulfillment of their professional duty.

Present at the ceremony were the national president of ANMI, team admiral (r) Pierluigi Rosati, the maritime commander in Sicily, rear admiral Andrea Cottini, the mayor of Pachino Natalina Petralito.

A historical anchor and four simulacra of BAS (anti-submarine bombs) characterize the maritime identity of the monument, a bronze bas-relief, the work of the master Leonardo RussiI, represents ships, helicopters and submarines that sail the seas every day, with a sailor looking at the sea.

The ceremony also saw the participation of numerous ANMI groups from all over Sicily, civil, religious and military authorities, various weapon and voluntary associations as well as, near the monument, the presence of the mobile information center of the Navy with the staff of the Sicily maritime command available for any information relating to the Armed Force and the opportunities for training and career in the Navy for the youngest.