The president of the Ghanaian republic aboard the Cavour


"It is the first time that an aircraft carrier has entered our ports and, for us, this was a wonderful opportunity from the outset. We were enthusiastic about its potential and above all the friendship shown and the project in which the Italian Navy wanted to make a stop in Tema. Relations between Ghana and Italy have already been very good for several years and this visit is a testament to the desire to make them even closer and more profitable "

These are the words of the President of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, who arrived on board the aircraft carrier Cavour to assist, together with the defense minister, the Chief of Defense and the Chief of Staff of the Navy, with a practical demonstration and all round of the naval capabilities and capabilities of the 30 Naval Group.

The culmination of a 5-day stop that saw the crews of the aircraft carrier Cavour and the refueling station Etna engaged in a dense Capacity Building program in favor of the Ghanaian Navy personnel. “Great collaboration, strong interest and excellent results” the concise analysis of the division admiral Paolo Treu, commander of the 30th Naval Group, at the end of the stop.

The presence of the naval group in the port of Tema, on the occasion of the 57th anniversary of Ghanaian independence, also represented an important contribution to the national foreign policy action, which the Italian ambassador to Ghana, Laura Carpini wanted to underline. during the traditional greeting to the crews "In a globalized world, the country system, the national public and private actors, and the administrations that are rooted in the territory, must push more and more beyond national borders and specularly, on the other side, foreign , who are traditionally devoted to bringing Italy into the world, are increasingly finding themselves bringing the world to Italy and internationalizing the vision, mentality and habits of the country - concluding - The mission of the 30th Naval Group symbolizes for me precisely this is the bold awareness of wanting and knowing how to take up new challenges, breaking traditional patterns and cooperating with team spirit.

The 30 Naval Group now heads towards the port of Dakar (Senegal) where the next 15 March will arrive.

Source: Military Navy