The GOS removes explosive devices in the seabed


The divers of the navy have begun the underwater operations aimed at recovering and destroying a large quantity of explosive remnants of war, found within the works foreseen by the new Piombino port regulatory plan, realized for the relaunch of the industrial competitiveness of the port and the local steel plant.

The activities, requested by the local prefecture, will involve a team of Comsubin to conduct a systematic reclamation in the areas in which these war residuals have been identified.

The divers of the navy are the only reality of the armed forces and police forces that can conduct underwater activities related to the search, recognition, removal and neutralization of explosive devices of any nature found in the water. This activity started in the 1910 was sanctioned by the Legislative Lieutenancy Decree No. 320 of 12.04.1946 and confirmed in the DL 66 of 15 March 2010.

The underwater operations, which will have a total duration of about 1 month, will allow to identify, remove and destroy the explosive devices present on the seabed.

In the first two days of activity, 160 shotgun shells, 1 mortar bomb, 200 bullets of various caliber were removed and made to shine on the high seas.

Source: Military Navy