The destroyer Mimbelli leaves for the "Ocean Shield" operation


Tomorrow the Navy destroyer Francesco Mimbelli will depart from the Mar Grande Naval Base in Taranto to participate in the "Ocean Shield" operation to combat piracy, integrated into NATO's 508 Task Force.

The constant presence of airborne devices and military corps for the protection of merchant ships in the areas of the Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean has determined from 2010, the year of maximum presence of the phenomenon, to date a reduction of piracy attacks of 93% .

The assigned mission will not only be against piracy but also cooperation and solidarity. Humanitarian relief and basic necessities will be distributed during the stops, providing assistance to the populations of the Horn of Africa area and the Indian Ocean.

The 3 last January began in fact a collection of beneficiaries of pediatric milk and toys to send to mission lands promoted by the Military Ordinary in Italy, Monsignor Santo Marcianò.

Numerous organizations and organizations have engaged in the collection, carried out in various areas of Calabria, concluded the 14 last January collecting a total 10 cubic meters of material including pediatric milk.

Having reached the African country, the material will be delivered by Mimbelli Navy ship to the Missionary Sisters of Charity of Ivrea, present in Mawe Dar Es Salaam.

Il Mimbelli destroyer will replace the frigate Libeccio, currently engaged in the operation Atalanta against the piracy of the European Union, and will return to Italy in August.

During the stops the ship will contribute to the consolidation of relations of friendship and cooperation with the riparian countries.

Source: Military Navy