The destroyer Luigi Durand de La Penne in London


On the morning of 7 August, London welcomed the destroyer Luigi Durand de la Penne, commanded by vessel captain Ostilio de Majo.

We are on the Thames, in the beating heart of the 'city', where the 89 education campaign continues the first class pupils of the Naval Academy. An important step that sees the young cadets, arrived at the turning point. Almost a month has passed since the departure from Livorno and the date of the return to Italy, scheduled for the 30 August, is approaching.

The arrival in the capital of the United Kingdom was characterized by the exciting and evocative ascent of the Thames, which led the destroyer to the West India Docks, a basin built in the early years of the 1800, in a period of maximum expression for trade in the empire British. The waters of the London river were the theater of exercise, study and commitment, for young cadets struggling with precision navigation.

After Lisbon, the campaign continues in the sign of the fluvial ports characterized by very strong currents and high tidal excursions, which required skill and precision for the mooring and dismounting maneuvers on the Tagus first, and then on the Thames. The fluvial navigation is therefore a very important moment for the students and constitutes a unique training opportunity by entering into the set of activities that have the purpose of consolidating and increasing the interest, motivation and professionalism of each of the young future officers.

Ship Durand de la Penne will stop in the British capital until the 13 in August, when the moorings will drop off to head for Malaga, returning to the Mediterranean sea.

Source: Military Navy