The 23rd course normal marshals wears the 3rd class pupil ranks

(To Marina Militare)

Thursday 13 October, at the Officers' School of Taranto, the commander, Rear Admiral Francesco Milazzo, delivered the tubulars as "3rd class pupil" to those attending the 23rd normal marshals course and the "supervisor" cords to the staff of the 23rd and 24th courses designated for ethics training and military of the younger classes.

A significant milestone was achieved by the students of the "Zeus" course who, after two years of intense military and academic training, have finally stripped off their student "pizza", the classic round sailor cap, wearing the cap with visor.

"This morning a very important milestone was reached by the 3rd class students" - said the commander of the School - "the commitment and diligence with which you have completed your training honors you and must be a model for the younger classes".

Furthermore, addressing the new supervisors he added "Today you are entrusted with a great responsibility, to help train the youngest, but to do this you must first of all be an example".

"The admiral's words aroused in me a great sense of pride" - comments at the end of the assembly the 3rd class pupil Massimo Pisani - "being able to transmit the values ​​of loyalty and discipline, which are at the basis of the training of a pupil marshal, arouses in me a strong sense of responsibility and pride."

The next step for 3rd class students is to wear the coveted rank of marshal.