The naval assault units of the Navy engaged in "Adriatic Shark"

(To Marina Militare)

lI air assault department (REA) of the command of the air forces, with the help of some detachments of the raiders operating group and a staff rate of combat support of the marine brigade Saint Mark, led the exercise Adriatic Shark at the Cervia (Pisignano) airport (AM), deploying 2 MH-101A and SH-90A helicopters from the first and fourth helicopter groups.

The purpose of the exercise, which took place from 27 February to 3 March, was to train the flight crews in support of special operations (EVOS) to operate safely on mining platforms in maritime counter-terrorism activities.

The training activity was carried out with the support of ENI, which made its energy platforms located in the Upper Adriatic, off the coast of Marina di Ravenna, available for this need.

Day and night activities were conducted (with the aid of night vision goggles) characterized by a training level of increasing difficulty and made even more demanding due to the adverse weather and sea conditions that affected the area.

La Adriatic Shark represents a valuable training opportunity for the flight crews of the Navy air forces, as it allows them to measure themselves in a peculiar operational context, as complex as it is delicate, in order to operate effectively in support of the special forces engaged in the reacquisition of control of these particular infrastructures and in the release of any hostages.

The exercise confirmed its high qualitative and operational value and also allowed the EVOS crews of the air forces and the REA staff to renew their commitment in support of the special forces, underlining the close integration between the specialist components and the naval team , who work jointly in the defense of national interests, at the service of the community.