Navy divers at the Underwater Diving Working Group 2022

(To Marina Militare)

It took place in Italy, with the support of the divers and raiders group Theseus Tesei, the Underwater Diving Working Group (UDWG) 2022.

The event, which has an annual periodicity, represents the most important meeting moment to consolidate the standardization of newly acquired materials and to favor the exchange of information aimed at implementing the procedures in the use of the different structures of the underwater specialist forces of the countries. NATO allies and partner countries.

After two years of stopping the meetings in plenary session, for reasons related to the pandemic emergency in progress, the 2022 edition took place from 17 to 20 May in Italy, at an iconic location for Italian diving, the "Y -40 The Deep Joy "of Montegrotto Terme (PD), the deepest pool in Italy and second deepest in the world, suitable for scuba divers and freedivers who, thanks to the supply with naturally heated thermal water, allows activities during all seasons.

The greeting from Rear Admiral Massimiliano Rossi, commander of Comsubin, opened the event. Three main working panels: Capability, Medical and Equipment & System, and the programming was coordinated by capt. Peter Laughton MBE RN (GBR Navy), who has repeatedly reiterated the importance of such meetings to maintain solid relations between the representatives of member countries and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and experience in the field of military scuba diving aimed at implementing new standards safety.

The event was attended by military representatives from over 20 nations, which contributed to making the event one of the most prestigious in international diving.