Marina's fusiliers "land" on the Sila mountains

(To Marina Militare)

From 22 November to 3 December the rugged mountain territory of Camigliatello Silano saw the fusiliers of the 1st regiment Saint Mark carry out an intense and demanding training activity, aimed at maintaining and refining the ability of our Navy riflemen to operate in any type of scenario.

The men of the 1st regiment Saint Mark they faced snow, rain, wind, ice and particularly cold temperatures, which created a challenging scenario, in which our riflemen were able to hone their individual and departmental combat skills in the mountain environment acquired over the years.

The first phase of the exercise focused on the conduct of mountaineering activities, essential for an adequate winterization process, on the topographical orientation of precision in a wooded environment and on the ability to tactically move in rough terrain, both during the day and at night, by means of the use of NVG devices (Night Vision Goggles). During the initial phase, the riflemen had the opportunity to become familiar with equipment other than those normally used as part of an amphibious operation in coastal scenarios, such as snowshoes for walking on the snow, ropes and harnesses to cross fords and / or descend. from strong slopes.

After the first phase, the training activities were directed to the conduct of tactical exercises at the squad and platoon level, in order to allow individual riflemen to put into practice the skills acquired during an assigned mission and the commanders to engage in activities of planning and conducting an operational activity taking into account tactical, logistical and environmental elements and factors other than those faced in the previous exercises.

The fusiliers of the 1st regiment Saint Mark they therefore had the opportunity to face and effectively overcome the difficulties posed by the mountain scenery, the weather-climatic context and the intense training program. These elements have highlighted even more the importance of "team work", which, supported by solid professional training, has allowed our Navy riflemen to effectively achieve the pre-established training objectives.

The exercise conducted in the Camigliatello Silano area not only contributed to the maintenance of general operational capabilities, but specifically represented an opportunity to renew and consolidate the ability to operate in a winter wooded environment.

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