'Honor Graduate' in the United States for a Navy Incursor

(To Marina Militare)

Not only experienced divers, rock climbers, parachutists or snipers, the Navy Raiders in recent years have also acquired the competence to be able to help their colleagues, during out-of-area operations, through a hard path that allows them to acquire the title of Combat Medic .

Also in this particular sector it is possible to state that the men of the Comsubin Operative Incursori Group (GOI) have confirmed brilliant operational skills, which have allowed them to achieve exceptional results in the field of education, at the United States Army Medical Department Center & School located at Fort Sam Houston, in the state of Texas.

In fact, during the last course, a company made up of American 257, South Korean 1 and 1 submarine incursor of Marina, saw the latter arrive absolute first, winning the Honor Graduate which represents one of the most important awards given by the overseas military schools.

This course, which allows the achievement of the qualification of Combat Medic Specialist of the US ARMY, lasts 120 days and is divided into three distinct phases in which both the theoretical aspects of human anatomy and the procedural aspects related to triage execution are addressed. for the stabilization of the injured in the civil sphere (acquiring the qualification to work on American ambulances such as EMT - Emergency Medical Technician) and in the purely military, which provides for protocols and dedicated intervention methods.

The final exercise, lasting two weeks, saw the 259 participants put into practice what they had acquired during the course, in a continuous series of day and night activities that followed one another without pause, and saw the emergence of the young patented incursor among all just 2 years ago thanks to the competition for Volunteers in Fixed Stop of a 1 year (VFP1).

This success, in addition to representing the achievement of an important personal goal, is above all a confirmation of the excellence and quality of the training course of the Comsubin Raider School, the result of the great experience of the GOI operators, the Special Forces of the Navy.