The actions of the Borsini patrol boat in Mozambique


Among the activities that Comandante Borsini is carrying out in cooperation with the Mozambican Navy, humanitarian assistance is not lacking.

It is precisely on the outskirts of Maputo that the crew of Nave Borsini voluntarily work dedicating their time to those in need. The centers in need of humanitarian aid are found in the poorest areas of the city of Maputo, where the rate of patients is very high and poverty does not take long to appear between one road and another.

The first intervention was taken to the Casa de Alegria, where about 120 children live. At this facility, various sanitary interventions have been carried out and these include improvements in living and recreational areas, with the significant assembly of a new gas cooker, compared to the still wood-fired one, for the benefit of those who are hosted in large numbers. this orphanage.

The humanitarian activities, which the Nave Borsini volunteers, under the command of the frigate captain Valerio Cirillo, carry out every day, also continue through maintenance and improvement actions of the Infantario Primeiro de Maio, an orphanage where abandoned children live with serious situations of hardship .

There is also a third reception center, located about 40 km from Maputo, where Italian sailors worked. After a few kilometers of unpaved and difficult road, the volunteers arrive at the Maputino Agricultural Institute. Here too, washing machines and lighting systems are set up and the living areas are improved with painting and maintenance interventions, trying to take care of the small details that can always make the difference in every intervention.

Also in Mozambique the work teams of the Navy volunteers continue to contribute, leaving the memory of the smiles of hundreds of children in Maputo.

Source: Military Navy