The raiders engaged in the Gold Finger 2023

(To Marina Militare)

The underwater world as a whole is an environment to be defended and monitored because it hosts gas pipelines, oil pipelines, data transmission cables and the internet, which are essential for guaranteeing our well-being and the prosperity of the country system.

The Navy is constantly engaged, through its multiple operational divisions, in the control of the underwater domain: in this context, an important training activity of the raiders operating group (GOI) of Comsubin, aimed at defending an energy platform off the coast of Ravenna from terrorist attacks.

The complex operation, made possible also thanks to the availability of ENI in making its structure in the central-northern district usable, proved to be particularly realistic, characterized by adverse weather and sea conditions and conducted with the contribution of aliquots from the marine brigade St. Mark and ELI arrangements of the 1st helicopter group of Maristaeli Luni and the 4th helicopter group of Maristaer Grottaglie, and saw the Navy raiders engaged in the reacquisition of the fundamental plant offshore through maritime counter-terrorism activities from the sea and on the sea which unequivocally distinguish the particular and unique peculiarities of the GOI Operators, allowing the restoration of the safety conditions of the gas extraction energy platform and the release of the personnel involved in the operation subjected to terrorist kidnapping.

La Gold Finger it is certainly a highly valuable exercise, which has allowed the personnel and means involved of the Navy to maintain and refine their operational and intervention skills in a sector, as already mentioned, of extreme relevance and importance such as that of the underwater domain related to the defense of energy or data transmission infrastructures.