Comsubin's Raiders at the "Neptune 2023" Sniping Competition

(To Marina Militare)

The "Neptune 2023", a significant international sniper competition organized by the French special forces with a maritime connotation, was recently concluded, in which some teams appropriately selected among the best in the world took part, including the American Navy Seals, the 601st Special Forces Group of the Czech Army, various French teams and one of the raiders operating group (GOI) by Comsubin.

 The objectives of the important training phase were mainly the simulation of sniper use in "maritime, land and urban" environments, shooting from unconventional positions, stress shooting and the use of day and night optoelectronic systems.  

The competition also offered fundamental opportunities for exchanging experiences in the specific sector, as well as sharing knowledge on weapons, supplied materials, shooting procedures and techniques.

The possibility offered by the French polygons to reproduce particularly realistic scenarios completed the very high profile operational and training asset provided by the "Neptune 2023" context, which saw the GOI sniper team excel in the final classification, however with considerable gaps towards the others competitors, once again confirming the leadership of the Navy Incursori within the Special Forces at an international level.