The official students of the Naval Academy at the 25th edition of the Venaria Reale Grand Ball

(To Marina Militare)

The XXV edition of the Venaria Reale Grand Ball concluded on the last 16 November. the great event that for over twenty years has seen the official students attending the Naval Academy of Livorno engaged in various initiatives in the Piedmont area, including that of supporting young debutantes during the extraordinary solidarity event.

Organized by the Vienna Committee on the Lake, every year the event sees the punctual participation of the attending personnel of the training institute of the Navy and represents an important formative moment that allows these young people to follow a path of ethical and cultural growth: in the In fact, many guided visits were made to museums and monuments, including those to the fallen of Nassiriya and the Italian Sailors of Novara, where honors were given to the soldiers who died for our country.

"The Navy has always been a promoter of activities that aim to enhance historical, cultural, scientific and military excellence on the national territory. This prestigious charity initiative also contributes to the training of our official students, the professionals of the sea of ​​the near future, who have had the opportunity to both enrich their experiential and cultural baggage and to contribute to doing good through the works of solidarity that will be realized with the proceeds of the event "said the commander of the Naval Academy, rear-admiral Flavio Biaggi.

The evening of the Grand Venaria Reale ball was presented by the well-known radio speaker Fulvio Giuliani.
In the Galleria Grande of the Savoy royal palace, 27 official students of the Naval Academy of Livorno accompanied the young debutante ladies from all over Italy and abroad, dancing on the splendid notes of the Vicenza Youth Orchestra on the gala evening in favor of the Italian Corps Relief Service of the Order of Malta, recipient of the funds raised and always at the service of both our country in natural disasters and health support for the most disadvantaged sections of the population. As pointed out by the Notary Claudio Limontini, president of the Vienna Committee on the Lake, "the event is a great event of education, culture and solidarity awarded by the President of the Republic who wants to transmit to young participants a particular life experience centered on important values, such as respect for others".

A beautiful initiative, culminating with a dance in grand style for the ladies the official students.