The pupil marshals of the “Achille” course have sworn allegiance to the Italian Republic

(To Marina Militare)

On Thursday 20 October, at the end of the first year training process, 145 students of the 24th course of the normal role of marshals, swore an oath of loyalty to the Italian Republic in the square of the Officers' School of Taranto in the presence of the commander of the Navy Schools, team admiral Antonio Natale.

"Joy, emotion and satisfaction are the sensations I felt during the parade in front of the numerous authorities present ... but above all in front of my family ..." so the 2nd class student Sirignano Angelina at the end of the ceremony.

The name of the course - Achilles - was born during the Education Campaign held aboard Nave San Giusto in summer in the Mediterranean waters, the first real experience at sea for young sailors, which inspired, among other things, the choice of the motto PER ARDUA ARDENS, with ardor through the difficulties, those difficulties that the young students had to face and overcome together , like a "big" crew, during the academic year.

In a passage of his speech, Rear Admiral Francesco Milazzo, commander of the Training Institute, dwelling on the importance of the moment "... the oath taken must be maintained in everyday life, in small daily events, but you must be ready to keep it even in the most extreme situations, as Commander Bezzi did eighty years ago, to whom this School is named ..."- proud of the work done, he encouraged his students to continue on the path they have taken "in this year you have learned to live together in the truest sense of the term, sharing the daily difficulty and fatigue, helping each other to progress and advance all together, so that no one would ever lag behind, and you have seen that healthy body spirit born among you that today unites you ".

Driven to refer continuously to the words that dominate the square of Mariscuola Taranto - PATRIA AND HONOR, Polar Star that guides the training and professional path of every sailor - the course Achilles now he is ready to continue the university and military process, foreseen for 2nd year students.