2024 Navy Day

(To Marina Militare)

The annual celebration of Navy Day commemorating the anniversary of the Premuda Action of 10 June 1918, an important and audacious naval operation, was held this morning in Civitavecchia, in the presence of the highest institutional officials of the Defense and Navy. of the First World War.

During the ceremony, the ships Paolo Thaon of Revel e Francesco Morosini they received the battle flag and the Nave standard Volcano was awarded the Navy Gold Medal of Merit for its exceptional healthcare service to patients from the Gaza Strip, as a hospital ship as part of Operation Levante.

"The Navy is facing significant challenges, from the Mediterranean to the Far East and on multiple fronts: from freedom of navigation to safety in the underwater environment, essential for our prosperity, every Armed Force is made up of technology, skills and investments but is based above all on the heart and spirit of the people who compose it. – stated the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto - The Navy is appreciated throughout the world for this very reason. Every day, the women and men of the Armed Forces demonstrate an extraordinary spirit of service and professionalism that honors Italy, which makes me, as Minister of Defense, and the whole country proud."

During his speech, the Chief of Staff of the Defense Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone underlined that “As then, so today, on land, sea and sky, in space, in the transversal cybernetic world, in new and multiple operational contexts, the women and men with stars give their contribution with determination and a spirit of sacrifice, for the international peace and stability in accordance with the principles of our Constitution - and added that - Today we operate in missions and operations that range across 7 time zones, in scenarios of increasing operational breadth and in a general security framework that is increasingly deteriorating and threatened by clashes and conflicts of various kinds, which act as accelerators of instability". Continuing his speech, the Chief of Defense Staff recalled that “It is no coincidence that the country is currently expressing leadership positions, within the lines of command, and providing valuable assets to all naval operations under the aegis of the European Union: the Irini, Atalanta and Aspides operations are the evidence, and that such examples promote not only military deterrence and strategic projection, but serve to encourage that extraordinary Naval Diplomacy which is indispensable for affirming the values ​​of peace, mutual cooperation and mutual development, as well as promoting the 'Italy model' in its whole".

“For two years we have been producing an effort with record numbers. It is simply the commitment required of us by being the Navy of a country whose security and well-being are strongly linked to the sea. – declared the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Enrico Credendino - We are investing our best resources in the underwater dimension, which is increasingly contested and competitive. The National Diving Center has created an ecosystem to be protagonists with national excellence. We have launched numerous initiatives to improve the conditions of staff and to increase the sustainability of workloads, so that resources are focused on our core business, going to sea and you young people are our most strategic resource; get involved to help grow our Navy, certain that passion, culture and values ​​will lead you to do the best things" – Admiral Credendino reiterated.