Enter the 286 ^ Naval Command School session

(To Marina Militare)

The 286 session of the Naval Command School entered into force at the Command of the Patrol Forces for Surveillance and Coastal Defense (COMFORPAT) of Augusta.

Since 28 October, 13 young vessel officers from the various specialized realities of the Navy, engage in maneuvers at anchor and in the open sea, driven by the common goal of becoming ship commanders.

In addition to maneuvers, on ships Panarea e Linosa, there is a full program of visits to realities of professional interest, in favor of future commanders.

As underlined during the ceremony at the beginning of the session by the commander of the Patrol Forces, the Captain of the vessel Pasquale Perrotta, the Command School "represents therefore a priceless formative moment, further enriched by the experience of the instructor commanders and the crews of the units on which the visitors will be busy ".