Electronic warfare 2014 trials on Doria ship


They started yesterday, and will last until 15 April, the 2014 Electronic Warfare Trials.

The tests are intended to test the electronic warfare systems supplied to the Navy, and will take place in the Taranto base with the support of various equipment, including the radar scenario simulator (Excalibur) and the missile warhead simulator (Cesare) of the Naval Support and Experimentation Center - Telecommunications Institute “G. Vallauri ”of Livorno. The electronic warfare technical support operations department of the Italian Air Force will also take part in them.

The 2014 Electronic Warfare Trials will be divided into two phases. The first, from the 1 to the 4 April in the port of Taranto, where tests will be conducted to evaluate and test the systems and operating procedures; the second phase, instead, will be held at sea in the waters in front of the port of Taranto the 7, 8 and 14 April. It is in this last part that, in an extremely realistic scenario, the effectiveness of the actions of mutual contrast towards the missile threat will be directly tested, until the launch of countermeasures.

The ships Doria, De La Penne, Aliseo, Espero and Bersagliere will be interested only in the phase in port, while only two of these units will participate in the sea activity: the Doria and the Aliseo.

It will be the Horizon class destroyer, during the trials, to have the important task of ensuring coordination between the ships at sea and the assets on the ground, maintaining direct contact with the Navy's planning center.

Furthermore, the intense activity will be an important test to verify the organization to be implemented for the conduct of the NATO Electromagnetic Operation Trials 14, which will take place in the waters off Taranto in September.

Source: Military Navy