Nigerian delegation visiting the Luni Navy helicopter station

(To Marina Militare)

In the week from Monday 15 to Friday 19 November 2021, the Helicopter station by Maristaeli Luni-Sarzana hosted the delegation of the Nigerian Navy, composed of Commodore MM Braimah (pilot and commander of the NAS of Ojo), by commander BI Yahuza (pilot and commander of the naval unit NNS OKPABANA) and by commander I Abechi ( aeronautical engineer).

They were welcomed by the commander, CV David Ilardi, who had the opportunity to present the main activities carried out by MARISTAELI LUNI and the dependent flight groups who, with the EH-101 and NH-90 helicopters, actively participate on the ships of the naval team, to all major operations of the Navy.

The officers of the Nigerian delegation had the opportunity to visit and get to know the Sea Survival Training Center and Forced Ditching which today represents the reference capacity for the advanced training of the flight crews of the Navy and other Armed Forces (national and foreign) and the Full Crew Mission Simulator (FCMS) of the EH-101 helicopter.

The visit took place in full compliance with the rules on distancing and preventing the contagion from COVID-19.

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