Chronicle of the landing of migrants yesterday in Augsburg


Another landing of migrants in Augusta. Yesterday 1167 arrived including minor 239, 102 women, 826 men from Eritrea, Mali, Somalia, Syria and other African countries.

As always, the men and women of the Italian Navy with the Mare Nostrum device also saved a great many lives.

People who run away from their nations because there is war or poverty and try to get to Europe for a better life. We have seen entire families who have been saved with their children at an early age, at most the greatest could have 9 years.

For the occasion we heard the commander of the amphibious ship San Giorgio, the captain of vessel Aldo Dolfini:

"We have begun the disembarkation of a fairly consistent number of migrants. The operations have already started for about an hour and are continuing, we think we will be able to conclude them in the evening. We have carried out nine interventions and have developed on eight rubber boats and on a boat . The boat has transported almost 500 migrants in a single solution. The conditions of the migrants are always the same: they are a bit prostrate from being at sea, sometimes they suffer from naupathy so the conditions are not always the optimal ones. it is immediately addressed to a health evaluation, immediately afterwards we try to refuel and hydrate them. In these days that go towards the summer the sun also gives us its own. The migrants who have remained on board our ship for the longest time are those who are better: both from a health point of view and from a food point of view they have regained their strength and they are the ones who are better off. They have begun to pray and this is to d indicate that they have returned, as far as possible, to what is normal daily life. We have a very careful health protocol. The goal is to identify any cases of pathologies and treat them promptly. Precautions are our must. The alleged smugglers are identified with particular techniques: with remote observation initially and then with many other activities that are put in place precisely to try to identify what may be the peculiarities and therefore to arrive at possible definitions ".

Salvatore Pappalardo

(photo of the author)