Chronicle of the arrest of the first smugglers yesterday in Augsburg


During the landing of migrants yesterday morning in Augusta, four alleged smugglers were arrested, two Tunisians (father and son), one from Gambia and one from Senegal.

All this has been made possible thanks to the work of the anti-immigration inter-force group under the command of the deputy commissioner inspector Carlo Parini, who are head of the Syracuse public prosecutor's office.

"We have been working all night - says Inspector Parini - because already since Thursday evening we were boarded on board the ship San Giorgio which made the recoveries starting from day 28 April and until the morning of 30 April, 9 several boats: a wooden boat and eight rafts.

The activity was previously carried out on board by a Coast Guard officer with judicial police functions on board the ship. With the initial screening as early as last night we tried to understand who were responsible for the boats that have come during these three days.

We were able to identify two subjects, father and son, who led the wooden boat about 18 meters with 403 people on board.

For the other dinghies, with about 100 each, we have so far identified a Gambian and a Senegalese. Investigations and investigations are under way to identify the other drivers of the other dinghies.

On this occasion we made use of the competence and professionalism of the on-board officer, Pisano, who made the initial screening.

The boats left from Zuara between Sunday and Tuesday. To achieve this we have made use of the declarations of twenty migrants. We had a lot of cooperation especially from the Syrians who were on the wooden ship. The others, good or bad, all work together because they have the hope of living in Europe ”.

Salvatore Pappalardo