The submariners family grows!

(To Marina Militare)

After an intense period of specialized training, on 20 December, 33 officers, non-commissioned officers and troop personnel received the qualification as submariners.

The ceremony, as usual, was held at the command of the submarine flotilla in Taranto, where for 9 weeks the new "Sailors of the Abyss" were engaged in the benches and simulators of the Submarine School, to then perfect their preparation aboard the Navy submarines for another 6 weeks. A very articulated path of theoretical notions and practical activities that have allowed young visitors to test their aptitude for a fascinating profession with unique characteristics.

The commander of the submarines, Rear Admiral Vito Lacerenza, underlined how “Before us today we find the future of the component. A bright future that can be clearly seen in the proud and smiling faces of our girls and boys. A vigorous, competent and motivated youth who represent the best side of our country with their scholastic and professional commitment ".

The president of the national submarine component of the ANMI, Admiral Filippo Casamassima and the submarine representatives present in Taranto including the U212A “Romeo Romei” returning from a long mission.