NATO Battle Damage Assessment course for the first time in the naval base of the Taranto Navy

(To Marina Militare)

The Atlantic Alliance, through its training institute, the NATO School of Oberammergau (NSO), starting from 2008 has established a course of study aimed at guaranteeing a homogeneous and excellent preparation of the so-called staff Targeteer, called J-TIC (Joint Targeting Interoperability Curriculum), divided into 4 courses of increasing and complementary level that are normally provided in the German location.

This year the Navy has made itself available to host the course Battle Damage Assessment with the presence of a nucleus of NATO instructors who, from 4 to 8 April last, carried out the course in the presence thanks to the preparation of the technical, network, IT and system predispositions, preparatory to carrying out the course according to the rigorous standards provided for by the NSO, exploiting the technical and logistical capabilities and potential of the naval base of Taranto, a hub of national and international strategic importance.

The course at the naval base of Taranto with organized by operational command of interforce forces (to which the Defense has entrusted the governance of the Targeting), has made it possible to expand access to specialist training for Italian military personnel.

The course began with an intervention by Admiral Vincenzo Montanaro, commander of the second naval division and commander of italian maritime forces, who met the 22 attendees from all the Armed Forces, the staff in support of COVI and the teaching staff of the NSO for a welcome address, expressing their enthusiasm for the initiative (the first of its kind in the Armed Forces ), underlining the importance that the Navy reserves for training and the values ​​of joint work, understood as the complex of diversified and integrated synergies and capabilities available to the Nation and the citizen.

More specifically, the course Battle Damage Assessment has developed particular formative aspects of the cycle of Joint Targeting and focused on providing patrons with an objective assessment methodology on the effectiveness of military operations. The training activity was also enriched by an institutional visit on the aircraft carrier Cavour, where the “non-sailors” visitors were able to see and make contact with the reality of the operational capabilities of excellence of the Navy.