Course BLS-D at the Marina San Marco Brigade


Today ends the two-day BLS-D course (Basic Life Support Defibrillator) in favor of the "San Marco" staff as well as the staff of the Porto Corsini auxiliary ship carried out within the teaching facilities of the Brigata Marina San Marco in Brindisi.

The theoretical lessons and practical demonstrations were carried out by the paramedical staff, of proven experience, of the Marine Brigade and of the Marispedal Taranto.

The purpose of the course is to teach - in theory and in practice - also thanks to a manikin, how to behave when you are in front of an apparently lifeless person and what to do to help him with a semi-automatic defibrillator.

Participants will also include a share of Navy Riflemen which will shortly be introduced into the Afghan operational theater. The activity was included in a training cycle aimed at maintaining high standards of safety and operational readiness.

Source: Military Navy