Competition for 63 officers in permanent service of special roles year 2022

(To Marina Militare)

The competition notice for the recruitment of 91 officers in permanent service of the special roles of the Navy with reserve of positions in favor of the personnel belonging to the role was published in the Official Gazette No. 16 of 2021 November 63 marshals and of the surviving spouse and children or second degree collateral relatives if the only survivors, of the personnel of the Armed Forces and of the Police Forces who died in service and for reasons of service.

The call provides for the following places available:

a) 35 for the General Staff Corps;

b) 16 for the Corps of Engineers of the Navy, divided as follows between the following specialties:

1) Naval Engineers - naval sector: 6 seats;

2) Naval Engineers - submariners sector: 2 seats;

3) Naval Arms: 5 seats;

4) Infrastructure: 3 places;

c) 6 for the Corps of the Maritime Military Commissariat;

d) 6 for the Port Authority Corps.

Auxiliary officers, non-commissioned officers (warrant officers and sergeants) and permanent volunteers who meet the participation requirements referred to in Article 2 of the announcement can participate in the competition. Admission to the course will take place after passing the following competition phases:

  1. two written tests with an evaluation out of thirty (a general culture test and a technical-professional culture test);
  2. a written test to ascertain knowledge of the English language;
  3. evaluation of qualifications;
  4. psycho-physical investigations;
  5. aptitude assessment;
  6. oral exam.

The written tests of general culture and that of technical / professional culture will be considered passed if the competitor achieves a score of not less than 18/30.

After the written test of general culture, on the spot, the competitors will carry out the written assessment of the knowledge of the English language which will consist in the administration of 50 multiple choice questions in English aimed at ascertaining the level of knowledge of the English language of the competitors. . A minimum score is not required to pass the written assessment of knowledge of the English language but an incremental score will be assigned to the test, which is useful for the purposes of the merit ranking.

The winners will be called to attend the application course which will begin approximately in September 2022.

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