The XIII Trans-Regional Sea Power Symposium in Venice concluded

(To Marina Militare)

In the headquarters of the Arsenal of the Navy, the thirteenth edition of the Trans-Regional Sea Power Symposium which for the first time presented a trans-regional character, with the participation of over 50 navies and about 100 international organizations and industrial, cultural, academic and information actors / realities interested in maritime issues. The event, which began last October 5, was opened in the presence of Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini.

The Chief of Staff of the Navy, team admiral Enrico Credendino, closed the event after 3 days of work in the presence of the undersecretary of defense sen. Stefania Pucciarelli, inviting all participants to the next editions.

Over the course of the three different sessions, issues such as the correct exploitation of marine resources and their protection, future challenges and technological developments for the Marine of the future, with particular reference to the space, cyber and un-manned dimensions, for the which is necessary to provide a reference regulatory framework, and the analysis of the growing role that the Navies ensure, without duplication, in the broader context of maritime power, helping to structure a holistic approach towards new challenges.

Last but not least, the ability to ensure the maritime power of a single country, which does not lie only in the possibility of shipbuilding, but in the ability to forge relationships and expand cooperation: the stronger the system of alliances, the greater the maritime power.
During the works, the importance of the underwater dimension also emerged, the fifth physical dimension in addition to the sea, land, air and space, and due to the presence of critical infrastructures, such as corridors for energy supply, its importance as an important source of food and, last but not least, for data transmission cables, which are increasingly vulnerable and deserving of attention.

The current international situation has highlighted the need for navies to be increasingly present at sea to ensure the surveillance function and, more generally, maritime safety.
The joint statement shared with the participating navies follows:

Joint statement

The shared commitment to enable a blue cluster approach for a safe, secure and sustainable ocean
The XIII Trans-Regional Seapower Symposium (T-RSS) held in Venice from the 5th to the 7th of October has approached global maritime challenges in a holistic and inclusive way. With insights from high representatives from military, international organizations, industry and academia, the event has been a vital means to collect and identify different perspectives, identifying possible solutions of common interest.
In the framework of the Ocean Decade of this blue century, Symposium's main theme, "A blue cluster approach in the ocean decade", stemmed from a shared belief of the undisputed central role played by the maritime domain in global dynamics of security, prosperity, technological development, transhipments of goods and primary resources and economic sustainable growth.

Considering that the oceans and seas:

- cover 70% of the earth surface and 97% of the hydrosphere, with huge resources and opportunities whilst we have still explored only a limited portion of the water masses and seabed;
- represent the ideal and historic bridge between societies, cultures and religions;
- are the largest global connection and communication means that support worldwide economy and trade thorough a strategic network of sea lines of communication, ports, coastal and offshore infrastructures, underwater cables and pipelines;
- are essential for the livelihood of large amounts of the world's population;
- have a crucial role in balancing the world's ecosystem and its climate;
- are rich in resources that are fundamental for energy and technological development.

Acknowledging that:

- age-old sea-blindness requires a concerted effort to develop a more inclusive and cross-domain approach to be able to overcome challenges. We must face present and future maritime security with a shared awareness and unified vision;
- recognize the successes of initiatives that together have been launched over time - at sub-regional, regional and global level;
- while doing so, we must be continue to pursue opportunities and focus toward ensuring coherence, inclusiveness and foresight;
- for the Blue economy to be developed in a sustainable way, a commitment by all actors in the maritime cluster is necessary, including those who provide a safe and secure environment that benefits everyone;
- the underwater dimension, including the ocean abyss and the seabed, is a new environment - comparable to cosmic and cyber spaces - that demands a dedicated “multi-domain” approach, due to the need for technological development and inherent difficulties;

Highlighting that:

- we are aware that maritime safety and security are key to prosperity and development;
- we are conscious of the need of a common vision in order to enrich those requirements critical to sustain and support the Blue Economy as a whole;
- we are the safeguard of sea lanes of communication and enablers of those who operate over and below the sea surface;
- we are a historical active players able to encourage and facilitate international and interactency dialogue and cooperation;
- we are ready by design to enhance and support an inclusive discussion towards comprehensive, affordable and effective actions at sea;
- our skills and expertise are crucial to provide stake holders and decision makers with qualified support so that they can draw attention to the maritime dimension, overcoming the current “sea-blindness” and developing a comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach;
- we are convinced that strengthening the cooperation among all stake holders of the maritime cluster is the starting point to develop effective actions to achieve:
- a safe, secure and sustainable sea;
- widespread awareness of the oceans and the seabed through a continued technological progress;
- sustainable and respectful usage and development of the ocean and sea ecosystem.

Based on the above and in accordance with the scope and with the purposes of this Symposium whilst also taking into account the outcome of the discussions that took place during its three panels, we, the Navies that participated in this Thirteenth edition carried out in the trans -regional format,

Draw the attention of the International Community:

- To the need that all the matters pertaining to the oceans, the seas and all the connected land areas, including the seabed, should be addressed in a comprehensive manner and under a holistic approach in order to include all pertinent stakeholders. This will allow us to explore all relevant dimensions of the maritime environment, including crucial ones connected to its stability, safety and security that are essential enablers for all other activities for sustainable development and economic growth. In this light, the Navies intend to continue playing their enabling role as safety and security providers for free, safe, secure and sustainable seas.
- We, the Navies, have the capacity and capabilities to sustain the global effort aimed at enhancing coherence and synergies in actions and in cooperation projects promoting ocean conservation and management, as addressed in the outcome of the United Nations Ocean conference held in Lisbon from the 27th June to the 01st of July 2022.
- It is therefore recommended that, along with the efforts and initiatives connected with this Ocean Decade, the International Community appropriately and thoroughly consider and discuss the maritime safety and security issues and objectives in a framework acknowledging Navies' role as primary actors and key enablers of the process.
- We are ready to do our part, with the proactive spirit and open mindset that have characterized Navies worldwide, throughout history.